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Our knowledge and many years of experience in printing enable us to provide our Customers with professional consultancy on selection of optimal technical and business solutions. Our field of operation includes professional colour management (ICC profiles calibration), enhancing production processes and general support for the Customers who are planning to setup their own print shop and for those who already have production.

Effective service and correct preventive maintenance of the equipment are the activities that improve and extend the longevity of the machines. Our offer encompasses service and preventive maintenance of the equipment for the Customers who bought it from us. Additionally, we also support Customers’ equipment with service and spares who bought it at our competitors.


Our specialists have more than fifteen years of experience in maintaining and overhauling equipment from different manufacturers. By giving your equipment in hands of the specialists you are secured that the components that will be replaced are new and come from reliable sources. It also assures that the service will be done efficiently with precision and care about the remaining components of the machine while carrying out the replacement of the broken spare parts.


We are available wherever you need us!

When is it worth contacting us?

  • If your company has already developed and you are considering what are the next steps that should be taken in order to improve and enhance production processes.If you are considering whether to open a company which will be a print shop.

  • If you already are the printers and you are not fully satisfied with the turnover of the company and final products (i.e. printouts, employees’ competences or internal processes).

  • If you are considering to buy a new machine for your own purposes but you do not have enough experience to make the right decision which machine is the best solution – we will advise you independently which equipment will be the optimum solution for you

  • If your equipment requires professional calibration, adjustment or assessment on the condition of the equipment. Whether it is worthwhile continuing investing in particular machines or if a more economic solution is to invest in new equipment.


Our support and independent consultancy based on the knowledge and many years of experience will definitely influence on your great success.


We invite you to receive support from the professionals!   

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